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6x Mono Argentus

6x Mono Argentus

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Group of 5 Mono


The Mono Argentus, also known as a Mono or Fingerfish, comes from the coastal and inland waters of Africa and Asia. The Mono Argentus is a diamond-shaped, silver in color, and has two black stripes on the front half of the fish. The dorsal fin has a yellow tint with a black outline.

The Mono Argentus grows very large and requires an aquarium of at least 50 gallons. The smaller specimens can be kept in freshwater, but as they grow and mature, the water should gradually be converted to a higher salinity. A substrate consisting of aragonite sand or gravel is preferred. Provide plants and rocks that thrive in brackish water.

The Mono Argentus spawns in the saltwater of the ocean, but the difference between the sexes and their breeding habits are unknown. Gradual change from brackish to saltwater will maximize the coloration and health of the fish as they become older.

In the wild, the Mono eats large amounts of vegetable matter. Provide them with dried seaweed, lettuce, brine shrimp, and a quality flake food.


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