AF NitraPhos Minus 200ml

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NitraPhos Minus is a unique formula that aims to biologically remove nitrate, nitrite and phosphate from the aquarium. It activates the metabolism in various types of bacteria, which are responsible for the management and removal of excess nutrients. Thanks to the special composition of multiple forms of organic carbon, amino acids and vitamins, all biochemical changes occur without any issues and bacteria easily absorb compounds to convert them into biomass. That biomass becomes a valuable food for corals while the excess and residues of it are removed from water by filter or skimmer. NitraPhos Minus improves the overall condition of corals, provides better colouration and promotes their growth. Due to maintaining the biological balance in the tank it prevents the formation of undesirable green algae and the development of cyanobacteria.
What’s great about this product:
Effectively removes excess nitrate & phosphate
Brings chemical balance
Quickly reduces undesired algae
Boosts coral coloration & growth
Recommended dosage:
It is recommended to monitor the concentration of NO3 and PO4 once or twice a week.
Good to know:
Low nitrate and phosphate impose rich corals supplementation
Inefficient filtration may be the reason for high nitrate & phosphate
Too much food or supplements may also be the cause of too high nitrate and phosphate levels
A violent drop of nitrate and phosphate levels can destroy zooxanthellae and lead to corals death
The AF NitraPhos Minus 200ml is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

Inventory Last Updated: Jan 26, 2022